Advanced Technology - Hip Surgery

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Surgery for hip replacement

The quality of life is much damaged when painful hip and don’t move as they should. Orthopedic surgeon can alleviate the suffering of the patient and makes him able to fulfill their needs properly or at least better, by replacing the patient's joint with an artificial one.


Before Surgery

When making a decision between you and your surgeon to make a hip joint replacement, there will be planning to assign a role of the surgery and hospitalization for treatment. The anesthesiologist will examine you, and in partnership with him, you both will reach a decision on how the anesthesia should be done.

Replacing Diseased HIP

During the surgery, some bones will be removed or modified in order to make the insertion of the various alternative implants. When waking up from surgery, patient will temporarily feel blurring. And analgesic medications will be given when needed.

Healing after Surgery

You are needed to carefully fulfill all the instructions given by the doctor and nurse for the sake of speeding up the recovery. So, having a seat and begin walking will be with a walker and then with using a pair of crutches - all by your doctor instructions.

Final Results

Replacing hip brings back your normal life including sport activities. Approximately three months after surgery, all restrictions will be removed and you would be able to make sport activities again.