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Repeated hip replacement

Repeated hip replacement

Principles in repeated hip replacement are the same as the principles of initial replacement. Surgery is larger and longer because first we must get the initial implants, before inserting the new prosthetic. Often, there is a loss of bone in the pelvis and in the femur; therefore, bone transplant becomes to be a must. Artificial joints for repeated surgery often have to be different and unique models developed specifically for repeated replacement.

If the initial surgery was done with cement, we have to remove all the old cement.
Sometimes repeated transplant surgery is done in two stages: First, removing the cement and the initial implants, and only after weeks or months, we transplant the new secondary joint.

This technique (Repeated hip replacement) is used when the initial surgery failed as a result of infection. Here, the method of “two stages” is acceptable.

From Repeated hip replacement surgery you can expect a good result, but more modest than from the initial surgery.

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