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Rehabilitation after hip replacement surgery

Rehabilitation after hip replacement surgery

Hip replacement surgery is a very common surgery. The surgery carried out by specialists in the field and generally includes recovery and rehabilitation process within several days to weeks. Rehabilitation after hip replacement surgery requires a full cooperation from the patient and responsiveness for the requirements of the nursing staff. And, especially, it requires motivation in order to return to full functioning after surgery.

Under what circumstances we choose hip replacement surgery?

Hip replacement surgery is not a simple operation, though very common. The surgery comes to provide a solution in cases of erosion or destruction of articular cartilage. The cartilage was damaged or destroyed in various situations: in cases of direct trauma to the joint itself, if arthritis (rheumatic disease) and in cases of degenerative arthritis, which is considered the most common.

Osteoarthritis appears in the older ages cause an immense pain immediately, loss of joint mobility and restricted mobility. All of these have a direct impact on the quality of life and may significantly impact the everyday conduct. Hip replacement surgery is suggested in cases when all other medical procedures were not efficient, including pain medicines and various physiotherapy that did not help and. In such cases, if you want to improve your life quality, you should consider a process of surgery.

Rehabilitation from surgery

Rehabilitation after hip replacement surgery usually takes several days to weeks. After the surgery itself and the recovery from it in the hospital, the patient is released home and sometimes to rehabilitation hospital, where the rehabilitation process continues. Like all post-surgical recovery, even here required cooperation and motivation. Chances of success of surgery are very high, about 97 percent of the patients who underwent the procedure for hip replacement tell about the disappearance of pain and improvement of their mobility range. All this, happens within a few weeks after surgery. After the rehabilitation process and after full recovery from surgery, the patient can return to physical activity, which helps him strengthen the muscles that support the hip.

Even at this stage, the patient has to behave correctly as directed by the surgeon. He is allowed to do regular daily activities, including walking, various sports activities, activities in the gym, swimming and cycling. Not advisable to be engaged in activities that create too aggressive pressure and large load on the joint.

Though, for each patient there is a suitable training program that helps improve the mobility and performance of the new joint.